Meo 5 XB1

The projector is designed for films 35 mm with optical stereo sound recording.

The projector is equipped by the xenon lamp house H1 for horizontal xenon bulb 700-2500 W or by the xenon lamp house H2 for horizontal xenon bulb 2500-4000 W.

The xenon lamp house is fitted with reliable starter with pulse limiter and equipment for aftercooling of the xenon bulb after projection termination.

Projection of the image formats 1:1.37, 1:1.66, 1:1.85 or 1:2.35 by means of manual three position carrousel of the supplementary close up lenses with manual exchange of the image masks.

The image frequency is 25 pictures per sec.

The projector use maltez cross in oil liquid with vertical stability 0.1%.

The luminous flux for the xenon bulb 4000 W minimum 13500 lm with the uniformity of light 65% for the xenon bulb 1600 W minimum 7000 lm with the uniformity of light 65%.

The reproduction of the stereosound Dolby is provided for by the optical excitor with the optical macrosystem.

The device facilitates the record watching and the regulation of the recording the course of the equipment operation.

Rewinding of the film apart the film path.

Capacity of the reels is 1800 m of the film.

Automatic passage of the marks of the film strip.

Manual lens sharpening.

Manual image framing.

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