Negative carriers

Negative carrier 24 x 36 / DIA 3 x 3
The insert is used to enlarge from individual slides in frames 3 x 3 cm. It is placed in the upper carrier part for negatives. Different thickness of frames for slides 3 x 3 does not allow use of the split-line focusing system.

Negative carrier 28 x 28 / 13 x 17 / 11 x 14
It is designed to enlarge from negatives 28 x 28 mm on one-side perforated 35 mm film, further for negatives Pocket 13 x 17 mm and negatives 11 x 14 mm on 16 mm film Enlarging from three formats is enabled by replaceable inserts introduced into the negative carrier provided with the focusing split-line. The insert with the deeper recess is introduced into the lower part of the carrier.
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