Light sources

Colour head Color 4-ES
Enables continuously adjusting the desired density of the correction filter. It operates on basis of subtractive mixing method. The filtration range is 0-200 filtration units.

Colour head Meopta Color 3

Light source enabling continuously adjustable subtractive filtration in values 0-200 in filtration units as well as a continuously adjustable density screen in a range of two lens aperture numbers.

Meograde head is a device of black and white gradation scale Multigrade photographic papers. The head is designed to be used with Axomat 5, Opemus 6, Opemus 7 and Magnifax 4 enlargers. Depending on the enlarger type used, the suitable mixing chamber must be selected (24 x 36, 60 x 60, 60 x 70 or 65 x 90 mm).

Mixing chamber 24 x 36

When working with a lens, focal distance f = 30-50 mm, this mixing chamber is complementary to the colour head Meopta-Color.
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