Paper disk cutters


Paper disk cutter is intended for an exact and even trimming of all paper sorts up to thickness of 1mm. It may be used for cutting plastic and similar materials up to thickness of 0.5 mm, or non-ferrous metal sheets up to thickness of 0.2 mm.

The raster on cutter plate surface complies with the sizes of standard photographic papers enabling paper or other material to be located and cut off to the required size.

The operation of a quality cut is based on a cooperation of two cutters - a disk and a flat one. When displacing the rider a rotary motion of the disk cutter takes place and then material is cut. The paper cut is pushed with the transparent rule and can not move spontaneously. Transparent thrust rule is fitted with locating lines on its bottom side being parallel to the cutting edge of the flat cutter spaced from one another 2.5 - 5 - 7.5 - 10 mm.


Stock codeCut lengthDimensionsWeight
392 742 201 204 340 mm 460 x 350 x 80 mm 3 kg
392 742 201 205 460 mm 570 x 350 x 80 mm 3.6 kg
392 742 201 206 635 mm 745 x 350 x 80 mm 4.8 kg

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